Deputy Prime Minister's visit


     Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Agrarian and Food Development Shukhrat Madaminovich Ganiev, during his visit to Karavulbazar district in order to familiarize himself with the work carried out in the agricultural sector, visited LLC "Bukhoro Argocluster chorva“ and got acquainted with the work carried out in this livestock complex. During the visit, he was accompanied by the khokim of Karavulbazar district  and the General Director of «Bukhara Agro Cluster” LLC was accompanied by Azamat Sultanov.



     This livestock complex contains more than 2,500 heads of cattle imported from Germany and Russia. Recently, modern equipment manufactured in Turkey for feeding, watering and milking cows has been installed here. In particular, a system of automatic milking equipment for simultaneous milking of 60 cows was installed and put into operation at the milking unit.



     To cool the milk, 2 installations (tank) of 10 tons and 1 installation of 1 ton were installed. The construction of a complex of equipment producing biogas from manure in the livestock sector is also being completed.





    Deputy Prime Minister Sh.M.Ganiev during his visit, got acquainted with the state of animal care, the services provided to them and the creation of a food base for them, talked with specialists working here, and gave appropriate advice and instructions to responsible persons.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Press service.


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