The system of preparation of cotton seeds is being improved


     In LLC “Bukhoro Pakhta urugchiligi”, subordinate to LLC “Bukhara Agroсluster”, systematic work is being carried out to improve the process of preparing cotton seeds. In recent years, the company has been implementing certain measures to improve the quality of seed material, reduce costs, improve reporting and analytical work. Work on the improvement of the technological line is carried out in scientific and technical cooperation with scientists of LLC "Cotton Research and Innovation Center".

     This year, a Spanish-made BCL-C50 weighing machine for weighing and packaging seeds in paper bags has been installed in the production system of the technological line for the preparation of bare cotton seeds.

     This device is installed to replace the morally and physically obsolete B-JS-10 seed packaging device installed in 2005 by the Spanish company Yubus. The BCL-C50 device of a new type allows measuring more than 5 tons of bare seeds per hour with an error of no more than ± 50 grams and packing them in paper bags.

     In addition to this, the device has a special communication port through which it can be connected to a computer and through which all data (the number of seeds in a bag, its breeding variety, reproduction, the serial number of the bag, etc.) can be printed on a printer for each bag of seeds and thus can be used for continuous numbering.



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