Of course, it is gratifying that the Shafirkon region, which for many years has shown itself poorly in a number of areas of the national economy, is on the path of renewal and development in subsequent years. As reported, the construction of a magnificent two-story building of the enterprise was planned at the beginning of this year on a separate plot of 1,300 square meters and 2.8 hectares of land allocated by Shofirkon Cotton and Cotton Plant LLC, and its construction began in March. 

     This magnificent facility, built by more than a hundred workers-specialists of the Guliston MFJ contracting company, is a large workshop measuring 120 by 108 meters, built on the basis of the technology of the Turkish state, equipped with modern sewing equipment. equipment and machines. The total cost of the project is 50 billion 700 million soums, of which 25 billion soums have been invested in construction. Also allocated 14 billion 170 million soums for the purchase of more than 660 pieces of modern Japanese sewing machines "JUKI" and other necessary equipment. The factory has 22 sewing production lines with 30 sewing machines. At the same time, 10 billion 900 million soums were spent on a semi-finished raw material - fabric.

     Today, on July 2, a solemn ceremony of opening this production facility called the AZTEX garment factory under the Amirtex brand took place. The event was attended by the regional and district public, representatives of the business circles of the Turkish state, who contributed to the implementation of the project, the district administration, officials of Bukhara Agrocluster LLC, and representatives of the media.

     Botir Zaripov, khakim of the region, speaking at the ceremony, admitted that this event is a unique innovation in the economic and social life of the region, since more than 1,200 Chevar women and girls of the region were employed and tens and hundreds of families received financial benefits from this enterprise and sincerely congratulated everyone.

     After that, other participants of the event, the representative of the Turkish company "LC Waikiki" in our republic, Israfil Firat, the general director of "Bukhara Agrocluster" LLC Azamat Sultanov, the regional manager for Central Asia of the Turkish company "ASTAS JUKI" Bekir Shirlagan, a well-known grain farmer from Shafirkon, and also the hero of Uzbekistan Azim Latypov and others spoke and expressed their feelings and congratulations.

     As noted, it is planned to produce 1 million 100 thousand pieces of clothing per year due to the stable organization of work in combination with modern and magnificent sewing workshops, warehouses for raw materials and finished products, offices and outbuildings, as well as 70% of these goods will be sold to the local market. and buyers, and 30 percent - to foreign partners.

     It is noteworthy that the number of local women and girls who have expressed a desire to work at the enterprise is also increasing. At the same time, wages are related to the volume of daily work, and the average wage is 2 million soums. It is planned that the cost of the team's production for the year will reach 264 billion soums.

     “Despite the fact that I graduated from the Shofirkon Industrial and Folk Trade School, I have been sitting at home without work with two children for several years,” says Nargiza Pulatova, who lives at the Talisafed multifunctional institution and now works as a foreman at the Amirteks enterprise. “Unfortunately, it was also difficult for my husband to find work in the village. After our life became difficult, I was included in the "Women's Tetrad" (registry of women) in the mahalla and now I am glad that I was offered a job in this company. If we work well, they promised a monthly salary of up to 2 million soums”

     On this day, the guests got acquainted with the conditions created for the Chevars in the majestic building, as well as with the technological process of production. In particular, they examined an exhibition hall where contracts for the display and sale of fine sewing products are concluded, a sewing pavilion equipped with modern equipment, a kitchen for working specialists, rest rooms and their improvement.



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