Achievements of the farm "Zahro yulduzi"


     The multidisciplinary farm "Zahro yulduzi", located in the Vobkent district, is one of the most advanced farms not only in the district, but also in the Bukhara region.

     The total area of land owned by the farm is 300 hectares, of which 250 hectares are cultivated on the basis of modern agricultural technologies, where abundant harvests are obtained from year to year.

     This year, 75 quintals of the crop were obtained from each hectare of 65 hectares of land sown with grain.

     At the moment, the farm is in full swing caring for cotton on an area of 85 hectares. Cotton processing is carried out with the use of modern agricultural technologies, timely and high-quality care of plants and thereby creates a solid foundation for obtaining a yield of 50 quintals per hectare of land this season. Preparatory work is underway to introduce a drip irrigation system on 20 hectares of cotton lands in the future.

     Farming effectively uses the opportunities created in our country for the development of agriculture, while attaching great importance to the development of other economic sectors. For example, fish farming has been established on an area of 4 hectares. 130 heads of breeding dairy cattle brought from Australia are grown in the livestock complex. It is planned to import 130 more heads of breeding cattle from abroad next year.

    Currently, the farm employs about 130 permanent and seasonal workers.


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Head of the farm “Zahro yulduzi” Anvar Kenzhaev



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