Society activities


  • introduction of advanced scientific achievements, modern and effective methods of growing for seed cotton  and other types of crops;
  • introduction of effective and highly profitable methods of primary processing of seed cotton, as well as deep processing technologies;
  • production, preparation and sale of cotton sowing seeds and other agricultural crops in accordance with the requirements of state and international standards;
  • introduction of advanced agricultural and water-saving technologies in the production of seed cotton and other agricultural products;
  • vorganization of deep processing of agricultural raw materials and the production of competitive, export-oriented products by attracting direct investment, including foreign, as well as loans from international financial institutions;
  • widespread introduction of modern information and communication technologies in the processes of accounting and control over the quality and quantity of cotton and other agricultural products;
  • conducting research in the field of selection and seed production together with scientific and educational institutions, creating new varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops, as well as technologies for the primary processing of seed cotton.